Obtaining the services of an escort can be quite an exhilarating experience. You can pay a small amount of money to have a girl who previously was out of your league make you feel like a king. In the excitement you can fumble with some aspects of the transaction or the experience. By reading our blog on Insider Escort Secrets you can mentally prepare for your phone call with an escort concierge or an independent escort and come away from the experience with a veteran level of comfort and overall enjoyment.

We plan to review a wide variety of escorts here and give you information on how to make a lasting connection with them, or get a quick, highly pleasurable experience if you are on the go. We started this blog because we didn’t feel their was a good enough solution out there for men and women to turn to when they needed the services only a high class escort or a one hour callgirl could provide.

All escorts are different and the good ones tend to have a high attrition rate because it only takes them a few years to put away enough money to retire for life. From time to time these high level escorts come back to enjoy their exciting jobs and when they do we will make every effort to let you know that one of your favorites is back in business!