I’ve been out with a few escorts in the past few weeks but sadly I haven’t had the pleasure of finding any of them that might be persuaded to have A-level action with me. A buddy of mine tells me I’m looking in all the wrong places as he gets it pretty much with every high class escort he’s been with. Lucky for me he is keen to share his secrets with me, he tells me you should never ask for it, you should start with asking for a deep tissue massage and that usually does the trick. If all else fails he suggested asking an Escort Cologne to be sent directly to my hotel room.

It makes sense really, it’s not like every escort in cologne is going to give you OWO, so you need to go in with an open mind and just see what the night might bring. Getting the escort sent to my hotel room actually makes me feel better, I can meet her in a place where I feel comfortable, and for someone like me who is shy around classy girls that makes perfect sense!.