The whole concept of a lonelywifehookup first dawns on most young American men in junior high school.  A lot of them are friends with other students whose moms are in their early 30s.  I don’t know about you, if you’ve seen a woman in her early 30s and she really takes good care of herself, she looks like a goddess, seriously.  It doesn’t matter the color, religion or any of that bullshit.  A woman, in her early 30s takes good care of herself is a goddess.  I mean, she blows away college-aged chicks or she blows away 18-year olds.

We’re talking about legal teens like 18- and 19-year olds, she blows them away.  Why?  She has the maturity of an adult woman, but a banging body that is developed by somebody who appreciates her body.  This is a big deal because there are lots of hot women when they’re 18 and 19, but they let themselves go by the time they reach their 20s.  They think that since they’re young, all these dudes will be competing over them and they wouldn’t have to worry about getting a date.

Well, once they get past the age of 25, that’s when reality hits them like a ton of bricks.  They fail to take good care of themselves.  In many cases, a lot of them have emotional hang ups and, in many cases, a lot of them think that their shit don’t stink and all these dudes will be perpetually in love with them.  Suddenly, when they hit 25 all the way to age 27, they get a dose of reality and a lot of them are totally caught by surprise.

This is why it’s really important for single dudes in their 20s and above to consider the lonely wife hookup.  You see, a woman who may outwardly seem perfectly happy in her marriage may still be looking for intimacy.  Intimacy has nothing to do with love.  This is one of the most common misconceptions guys have regarding the mystery of the lonely wife hookup.  A lot of them are completely puzzled as to why seemingly happily married women would jump from bed to bed. 

The reason is simple: they’re looking for attention.  They’re looking for that deep emotional attention and gratification that is often included with physical intimacy.  Physical intimacy, of course, is called sex.  And unfortunately, when they’re in their early 30s and mid-30s, that’s precisely the time their husbands are out becoming the top dogs of their industry.  Whether it’s becoming a very big business person or a successful lawyer or doctor or professional, that’s the time of age where guys really apply themselves to take themselves to the highest levels.

This leaves a lot out as far as emotional intimacy is concerned for their wives.  This is why the lonely wife hookup is not a myth.  It’s very much a reality.